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Policy Reviews

The goal of a policy review is not to sell you a new product. Rather it is intended to make sure that your current policy still meets your needs. If you have not looked at your life insurance policy lately, you could be:

  1. Leaving an inadequate death benefit to your beneficiaries
  2. Risking a policy lapse because of growing fees and/or cost of insurance
  3. Missing an opportunity to make your policy part of your overall financial strategy

Amanda is a supportive individual who specializes in the administrative tasks around the office and enjoys connecting with people. She grew up in Leesburg, Florida, and is currently attending the Ultimate Academy to earn her...

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Joshua Simpson

Investment Advisor Representative

(352) 350-2008

Born on Ft. Carson, just outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Joshua grew up in a military family and spent his youth living all over the country, meeting all different types of people.

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Keith A. Simpson, MBA, joined Lake Advisory Group in 2009. Prior to joining Lake Advisory Group Keith was a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch and MetLife. Keith graduated from Park College with a B.S. in Management.

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